Bambino di 4 anni si uccide accidentalmente con pistola del padre!

 Jaiden Pratt


4 anni e trovare una pistola carica in casa. 4 anni e morire. 4 anni! Jaiden Pratt viveva a Houston, in Texas, e si è ucciso accidentalmente sparandosi un colpo nello stomaco con la pistola, lasciata incustodita dal padre,  il 31enne MarquezPratt. Secondo la polizia, dal numero di serie dell’arma si è scoperto che era stata rubata nel 2011 durante una rapina e sembra che in casa di Pratt siano state trovate altre armi e anche della droga.

«Questo non è il caso di una persona responsabile che possiede un’arma per difendersi», ha detto il sergente Brian Harris, della polizia di Houston. Secondo la ricostruzione fatta dagli agenti, padre e figlio stavano dormendo sul divano, quando, domenica mattina presto, il bambino ha preso la pistola appoggiata vicino a loro, una semi-automatica, dalla quale accidentalmente è partito un colpo. A dare l’allarme è stato proprio il padre che è corso fuori dall’appartamento tenendo il figlio in braccio e chiedendo aiuto. Il piccolo stava trascorrendo il fine settimana con il padre, e la madre doveva come ogni domenica passare a riprenderlo a mezzogiorno.

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  1. Lamentablemnete, esas cosas pasan, supongo que por descuidos negligentes de los mayores. ¡Angelitos!… Es de sentir.
    Buenas tardes. Al

  2. This is a terrible story. I hate that a baby had to die because of a parents negligence and stupidity. Who would leave a loaded gun within reach of a child? People are just so stupid with guns, why do they not learn?

    • I do not understand why people feel the need to have weapons in the house: then understood the tragedy and they despair. But until they cease to sell guns to anyone, when it will end this violence?

      • I totally agree. I also understand the argument that then only the “bad” guys will have guns and we will not have any way of defending ourselves if attacked. However, if you feel the need to defend yourself, then at the very least you should feel the need to be responsible with this deadly weapon and keep it locked in a safe. It is just crazy. I think people who are not responsible should be charged and tried with negligent homicide. Period! If you do not keep it locked and safe, you are guilty if someone gets hurt with it. I feel very strongly about this topic, can you tell?

      • I totally agree. The individual must learn to be responsible. But I also believe that in the last period is not only the “bad” to go around armed, even people all’aparenza “normal” are tempted to make fire, whether it be a school or a cinema or …

      • Yes, you are correct. Since it is in our Constitution we will never take gun sales away completely. It amazes me that people do not see this as a working Constitution, that changes with the needs and demands of the world and the country in relation to it. But the money that buys the votes is on the side of the guns, and the crazies will never let them go. So the most we will get is some form of stricter control. I think prosecuting owners for any shootings that involve their guns would help keep them under more control. Also very strict rules and regulations and training. It is so hard to get any sane rules with the insane gun manufacturers trying to protect their profits. It is really sad, like the rest of our political system right now. 😦

      • I understand the situation: money moves the world … unfortunately! And to think that it would be enough that people respected the life as a gift and would use their brain! But when someone is in trouble we wait to happen irreparable damage! It is how to report a stalker and the police did not intervene until the woman lost his life!

      • Exactly, there is always a reason that a gun could come in to save a life. It is just that this industry has bought off the safety provisions so they can sell more and make more money. It is like the military industrial complex. A very scary thing to beware of. To support it, we must create enemies, the money must be justified before it is spent. Calls into question war in itself if you ask me. I am very afraid of the military industrial complex and their power and need to justify their perpetual assembly. I wish that we were not considered a “super power” in this arena. We will surely pay for this one day.

      • America has already paid for it, we hope it does not happen again! The problem is that where there is wealth, there is a war!


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