Bafta 2013: Fellowship Winner… Sir Alan Parker

Fellowship Winner: Sir Alan Parker

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  1. Just because there is love does not mean you still can be tremendously lonely
    be among one hundred people but being alone in its interior no one chooses
    but then there are those who entertain a whole world, but choose to be alone isolated
    long periods.

    But from this are born great, insightful, like that anyway are those
    people of illness, anxiety, etc.. the visual curse this from personal experience, I’m not the judgment’m really not. Playboy, seems to have evrything, theories are many or the visual was my cross.
    But hell no, I chose solitude for 15 years and I blog, write nobody believes it
    Until they see, people can not understand. So these men we write about, I think they matter
    how loved they are still feeling tremendously lonely Sometimes.

    we love how much we want but never decide who is alone, choose
    or are forced due to various psychological factors, then we can love them as much as we want. but loneliness will not disappear just because one is loved hard FACT.
    your words are fine and wish well
    but no!

    friends? :)))

    • I believe that loneliness is a mental thing: I do not feel alone until I am complete in myself. I can not speak, did not see other people, being locked up at home with the phone turned off … but I still know I’m not alone. There is a universe that you can see only with the eyes closed and in silence, sometimes! But it is subjective! Of course, often in the “solitude” in a vacuum and in the dark, the best things come: as seeds in the ground who need a “little death” to become a flower! But it’s just my thoughts! 🙂 (Friends, of course! :))



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