Associazione regala cd per Natale… contengono canti della Gioventù Hitleriana!

“SOS Villages d’enfants”, un’associazione tedesca che lavora in soccorso degli orfani, ha inviato 50mila cd per sponsorizzarsi in occasione delle feste natalizie. Potrebbe essere stata vittima di pirati informatici legati a gruppo di estrema destra.

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  1. mkesling63

     /  gennaio 13, 2013

    The men dressing themselves up with women again. Men. Always going to the old imaging when all over court docs and female civil rights everywhere, the women don’t like them. Can’t dress it up in anything that as already been everywhere in telling you it isn’t going to work.

    So for the men, I would say: DO you have anything that any group in numbers did like? Like what is the plan for not only ongoing but recovery as well? If it had to be replaced, that means there is some recovery needed. So what was it that needed recovery for the change that you are going to recover?

    Not just new people in the system. That isn’t anything new nor does it provide the recovery from centuries of new people taking the same things away. Did Russia, when the reds were thrown out, just get a new group, system , AND recovery of all that was stolen from them?

    Recovering what was lost just was never there for the winners. Like civil rights returns, victim compensation, all wrongs righted…and the list goes on…..Will you pay back all the taxpayers that had to pay for favoritism in tax shelters?



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